Corporate Wellness: Low-Cost Resources for Small Businesses

Corporate wellness programs geared toward small companies can be as beneficial as they are for large companies. In fact, small businesses have an upper hand on bigger businesses when it comes to wellness programs because they often achieve higher rates of participation and their programs are generally easier to implement. The key to developing wellness programs is to keep them simple and manageable.

Small companies need programs that are easy to use and do not require a lot of money. Use the low-cost resources identified in this article to help develop, implement and evaluate your worksite wellness program.

Resources for Developing a Worksite Wellness Program

  • To get your program off the ground, Clark & Associates of Nevada, Inc. can provide you with the following educational articles: “Workplace Wellness: An Employer’s Guide to Promoting Wellness at the Workplace” and “Workplace Wellness: Potential Legal Issues Associated with Workplace Wellness Plans.”
  • The Worksite Health section of the Partnership for Prevention website offers several valuable resources for developing a wellness program.

Assessing Your Worksite

  • Clark & Associates of Nevada, Inc. can provide you with a sample wellness program survey.
  • Healthy Workforce 2010: Essential Health Promotion Sourcebook for Employers, Large and Small (pages 58-62).

Learn more about workplace health and wellness programs, and available resources for general health education.