Lost Life Insurance Policies and Annuities – How to Find Them

A recent finding by Consumer Reports states that each year in this country about $1 Billion of life insurance policy benefits go unclaimed. For a cash-strapped and debt-burdened middle class, that’s quite a sum to leave in the pockets of our nation’s insurers. Fortunately for Nevadans, the Nevada Division of Insurance and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) have teamed up to help consumers find lost insurance policies. Collectively, we Americans forget about and lose a billion dollars of life insurance entitlements each year – a sum greater than the annual GDP of 26 different countries.

The NAIC’s Life Insurance Policy Locator provides nationwide access and assistance with finding a deceased person’s life insurance policy and annuities. This new tool builds on policy locator programs developed separately in several states before this launch.

Meet the State of Nevada Division of Insurance

We typically don’t think about insurance until we need to. Most us have what might be described as a ‘detached’ or ‘decidedly tolerable’ relationship with our insurers to put it in the best light. It’s important to acknowledge the organization that quietly serves to safeguard ordinary Nevadans’ interests and monitor the practices of insurers.

The State of Nevada Division of Insurance, a division of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, protects the rights of Nevada consumers and regulates Nevada’s $13 billion insurance industry. The Division of Insurance has offices in Carson City and Las Vegas. In 2015, the Division investigated more than 3,200 consumer complaints and recovered nearly $5 million on behalf of consumers. For more information about the Division of Insurance, visit or download the Division’s smartphone app NDOI Connect available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.Bottom of Form

Most of us wouldn’t have a clue about how to find a lost policy and claim annuities. The Policy Locator developed by the NAIC simplifies the process for consumers and insurance companies alike, thereby reducing time to payout and avoiding hassle.

The way the locator tool works is by sending out encrypted consumer requests to participating insurers. The insurers then compare inbound requests with policyholder information find matches. These matches are in turn communicated to state insurance departments through the locator tool. Insurance companies then contact beneficiaries or their authorized representatives.

Nevadans can access this tool by visiting the Division’s website at

Click on the Life Insurance & Annuities tab or use this link:

Over the last six years, state insurance regulators investigating unclaimed life insurance benefits have identified and returned $6.75 billion in proceeds to U.S. consumers, so the program is working phenomenally. If you suspect that you’ve lost a policy and are eligible for annuities, please use the resources above to locate and receive the benefits to which you are entitled.