Nevada Health Insurance Plans for Large Businesses

A challenge to all Nevada businesses is striking a balance between meeting their employees’ needs with Nevada health insurance plans and increasing their bottom line. This is particularly true for large employers. The highly trained Benefits Solutions consultants at Clark & Associates understand this challenge and know exactly what you’re going through: We know saving money on employee benefits is imperative in today’s economy; we also know that your employees are your most valuable assets and you need to keep them motivated and productive.

The cost of providing Nevada health insurance plans continues to rise, and employees consistently seek more from their group health insurance. Obtaining competitive quotes for coverage and handling claims problems is only a small part of what you should expect from your health insurance company and employee benefit advisors.

Helping you meet such divergent needs and overcoming such challenges — these are the things Clark & Associates does best. We go the extra mile to provide you with quality services and innovative employee benefits through health insurance for businesses in Nevada.

In addition to employee communications, services covered by our Nevada Health Insurance Plans for Large Businesses include the following:

  • Plan Strategy
  • Data Analysis
  • Pharmacy Benefits
  • Plan Administration and Legislative Compliance (including access to a client portal)
  • Employer Education
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Communications
  • Wellness Services
  • Marketing/ Marketing Action Plan

Providing your current carriers with a simple Letter of Authorization will allow Clark & Associates to complete an in-depth market analysis, obtain quotes from more markets, and leverage our relationships with carriers. Brokers typically receive commission dollars from carriers on a monthly basis, which means that your plan renewal dates do not affect your ability to change brokers at any time during your plan year.

Your employees are paying for a portion of your Nevada health insurance plans, and consequently are paying a portion of your broker’s fees. Ensure that you are providing the best value and service to your company and your employees by working with one of the leading Nevada health insurance companies. Our professional employee communications will keep you and your employees informed, and continuously promote safety and good health.

Get a quote today or contact Clark & Associates to learn more about our group health insurance for businesses in Nevada. We encourage that you contact us right away with your questions or concerns, so we can determine what solutions best fit your needs as a business.